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Christin - Lime Essentials

Hi! I'm Christin, and this is the story of Lime Essentials....

Little Girls & Lip Gloss

As a little girl I looooooved makeup; lipgloss especially. One of my earliest memories is the smell of my Nana's Mary Kay lip gloss. Even to this day if I smell that particular smell, I will get nostalgic for sleepovers and makeovers with my Nana. Nana was the kind of gal who would let me layer on eyeshadow and red lips just for fun.

Over the years I have gone through the various stages. You know them all. There's the pastel and shimmer faze (gag), the "you can never wear too much blue eyeshadow" faze (owing, largely, to My Girl), and lastly the kind that actually suits my face.

Also over the years I have had various health issues, and started reacting to household chemicals, candles, or anything with fragrance. I would frequently give away a new body spray to a friend, because my body would translate the smell into something that smelled like bleach or ammonia. Yuck!!

Lime & Lyme

I started making my own organic mineral makeup after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease at the tail end of 2015. I don't think I had previously realized just how much junk is in makeup, even a lot of the "natural" products at the stores. So many of my friends with skin issues cannot wear most brands, because the makeup irritates their skin to no end.

My goal was to create a gentle, natural makeup that anyone could wear. I also created this business to help pay for Lyme Disease treatment, which has become even more important since the Lyme and associated diseases has also been passed to my husband and two children. It is a complex illness, and insurance does not like to deal with paying for treatment.

Lyme involves lifestyle changes, diet changes, changes in the cleaning sprays I can use to clean my house, and the things that I put into my skin.

Live Natural, Look Natural

My hope is to provide a healthy alternative for those looking to live naturally, and enhance their natural beauty. I have tried to create formulas that smell amazing, feel smooth going on, and make you feel good inside and out.

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We think that these are great products that help you to live, look, and feel great, naturally. And eventually the second part of my dream is to be able to help provide funding or support for others struggling with autoimmune diseases.